The precision of ART Holding

Andrea Lombardi
Chief Technology Officer

Andrea is the most technical part, a true web tailor and artisan. Once validated, the vision is literally written and programmed by Andrea and translated into a service for everyone to use.

Whether it is a highly technological App able to find the result that suits you in a few seconds, or whether it is an e-commerce to collect works of art, Andrea's work and expertise is always behind it and this makes the experience easy and enjoyable for the user.

Our CTO leads the team of programmers, directs the technical operations and checks their quality before launch. Andrea specializes in various programming languages ​​and is an expert in tailor-made works.

He began his career as a kid by making his first website at the age of 12, a passion that soon became a profession; after his computer science studies Andrea has created a long list of clients at an international level, interfacing with all types of projects, from the most basic to the very complex and unique systems.

His experience and knowledge are now part of ART Holding and allow the company to be totally at the forefront of artificial intelligence and programming in any field of application.