The aesthetics of ART Holding

Chiara Magni
Chief Creative Officer

Chiara is the expert in the art of communication. The vision that has been validated has been codified and transformed into something that exists, now the next step is to make it known.

Chiara is an internationally renowned professional painter. She has made her creative drive a real profession. Creativity and evoking emotions in people through painting has always been a predominant feature of her.

Years ago Chiara decided to follow her dream and began a professional career as an artist that led her to professional and personal success and fulfillment.

Chiara has now evolved into the role of Chief Creative Officer of ART Holding; this allows her to use her creativity in an even wider way, not only does Chiara continue to create works of art, continuing her artistic career; but now she is in charge of everything related to the art side of the Holding.

She takes care of the selection and on boarding of new artists into our Galleries acting as the curator

The philosophy of ART Holding is to join technology with art and for this reason everything that is perceived outside about ART has been embellished by the artistic touch and views of Chiara.